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Yarn and goodies from Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Colinette, Sirdar, Wendy, Noro, Hanne Falkenberg -daily shipping WORLDWIDE - the best value shipping : )

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76 Family Knitting
0 430

download knitting patterns, hand knitting, wood/horn buttons and toggles, hand made bracelets and necklaces.
77 Greasy
0 530
This is where I store my free patterns.
78 knittingandknotting
0 414
On my website I hope you will find all the equipment and advice you need to follow your favourite craft projects, I hope to produce a compendium of all the best sites for buying books, equipment and materials necessary for you to enjoy your crafting.
79 knitting crochet
0 587
knitting crochet models
80 Granny's World
0 880
Knitting, Gardening, family - a snap shot of my life
81 marifetane
0 1147
oya,iğne oyası,dantel,örgü,oyuncak,crochet,şapka,bere,dantel,lace,knit,havlu kenarı,battaniye,bebek battaniye,yemek,lif,model,cuma,süveter,patik,yelek,şal,el bezi,örtü,elbise,
82 knitting knlimited
0 742

knitting is more than just a hobby - it is therapy, stress relief
83 Dish and Wash Cloth Mania
0 597
Source for links to dish cloths,wash cloths and related kitchen and bath items
84 Fanny Brown Knits
0 600
A knitting adventure with patterns, tips and hints, useful links and ramblings
85 Lavatera Press
0 180
Hand knitting patterns
86 Hebridean Isles Trading Company
0 227
Knitting courses, hand knitted products and wool from the Scottish Hebrides
87 knitting2bsane
0 207
We offer trendy ruffle scarves that can be worn for any occassion!
Our newest additions are headbands and clutches!
"Money can't buy happiness but it can buy yarn~ which is kind of the same thing"

88 Linda Snelgrove
0 139
89 rize igne oyasi knitting
0 475
Rize igne oyalari,Dantel, dantel örnekleri,dantel modelleri, havlu kenarı, havlu kenarı örnekleri, şal modelleri, örgü, yazma kenar oyası, şal, lif modelleri, lif, lif örnekleri, iğne oyaları, havlu dantelleri, çocuk, be
90 Retro Knitting Site
0 239
knitting needles & crochet hooks , luxury bamboo products , cross stitch kits , vintage and rare patterns, Uk & worldwide delivery.
91 E D Creations
0 169
Hand crafted articles for sale, how to section, free patterns,directories
92 Kids Knit
0 214
My site is for all of those knitters who want free patterns fast. The patterns are right on the website and easy to access. Specifically for new knitters: children, adults, dogs, cats, etc. :) KNIT! KNIT! KNIT!
93 Love of Knitting
0 2466

Love of Knitting is a quarterly magazine providing projects, tips and techniques for every knitter. Our site compliments the magazine with free patterns, basic instructions, and a knitting community.
94 The Woolly Jumper Craft Company
0 587
SPECIALISING IN 1/2 PRICE DISCONTINUED SIRDAR YARNS! 100's of the latest patterns! Also large stock of quality current knitting & crochet wool & yarn all at competitive prices. Accessories: needles,
95 Redshirt Knitting
0 3862

Erika's online knitting blog, home of the famous Treesweater. Stories, articles, patterns, knitting help, and more!
96 Always Casting On...
0 2984
Confessions of a Knitting, Spinning, Sock Yarn Hoarder
97 knitting world örgü dünyasý
0 702
knitting crochet world
98 Twin Set
0 2942

Jan and Ellen are identical twins who have always had an innate fashion sense. Crafting is an integral part of their lives and they stay stitched together sharing their love of knitting, family and co
99 Mom's Knitting Room
0 1592

Photos and Projects in the Works, Socks, Hats, Scarves, Horns, Yarns, Various Ramblings, etc.
100 Per Amore
0 1399

Free knitting patterns.
Weekly (usually twice a week) blogging about knitting and various other things.

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